Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a technology for transfer of pigment or metallic foil layer on the material (paper, in our case). By this method of printing an incredible opportunity is achieved for realization of unique ideas and projects by the designers and the opportunity to protect the products with the so-called holographic foil.

Embossing /dry stamping/ - this is a process in which by means of prefabricated stamp a paper is pressed and thus using no ink an image or text is printed. Depending on the type of the stamp and the choice for the end result a convex or concaved footprint could be obtained.

The combination of hot stamping and embossing multiplies the final product attractiveness, increasing the impression of quality and product superiority.

We have automatic Gold & Prege machines:
Heidelberg Cylinder
- format - max 770x560mm
- format - max 520x360mm